Website & Blog Design/Development Services


A professional looking website is an absolute necessity in today's Internet-based business environment; it is a critical element for showcasing your firm's capabilities and making information easily available to your potential customers. Without a website that is both professional and functional, a business will find it infinitely harder to succeed; and not only must you have a website, you need to have one that is up-to-date, easy-to-use, and full of quality information that will be useful for visitors. Your customers will want to review your website to research your company prior to doing business with you, and taking shortcuts on this vital marketing tool can adversely impact your business for the long-term.
Strategic Growth Concepts can assist you in establishing a professional web presence in several different ways:
Option 1
We work with you to design and build a website to meet your company’s needs; from concept, to creative, to content. We charge you a monthly website maintenance fee which enables us to manage the website and update the content on a regular schedule.
Option 2
We work with you to design and build the website to meet your company’s needs; from concept, to creative, to content. In this case, you subscribe to the MYCE Website Management system and take care of your own on-going website maintenance and make changes as often as you like.
Option 3
You subscribe to the MYCE Website Build and Management System; we provide you with the basic website design template based on our creative discussions with you. You build out the website content, and handle on-going website maintenance which enables you to make changes and customize the website to suit your company’s needs.
The MYCE Content Management System allows you (or us on your behalf) to make updates and changes in a matter of minutes. This easy-to-use system requires no programming knowledge for you to make updates, and provides all the tools you need to maintain a consistently professional and informative website. Additionally, allows us to build your website extremely cost-effectively, and allows you to update it with no additional cost involved.


The MYCE system™ is designed to accommodate any website creative design. This allows you to customize the site to meet your branding guidelines, and to keep consistency in all your marketing materialsMYCE allows you to elect the most basic website format to provide a modest presence when potential customers want to know what you do; or you can elect a more complex website format that enables customer interaction, shopping carts, custom applications, the tracking of a customer database, a blog, user registration, and online surveys.  And all this can be done out of one system – at a cost to meet your company’s budget!


The cost of the MYCE system™ includes:  design/programming, monthly hosting, the content management software, email accounts, and technical support – and yet it’s so cost effective even the smallest of businesses can afford it.


The MYCE system™ enables even the most complex website to be customized and updated as you need it to be – in a matter of minutes – without any programming knowledge – or any additional cost.  You can download pictures from a digital camera to make an online gallery, and you can add files that your customers can download directly from the website. You can also have multiple levels of access permissions so you can control who in your company is allowed to have access to specific sections or to make changes to the website content. 



If you can use a word processor such as MS Word, you can manage everything on your website – including adding additional pages if you need them!  And it will look as professional as if you had paid a web developer to prepare every page!


  Essential Charged Turbo
Content manager MYCE
Email accounts 10 100 Unlimited
Lead manager   Yes Yes


  Essential Charged Turbo
Edit your own content Yes Yes Yes
Create additional pages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Add videos/sound Yes Yes Yes
Create/edit picture galleries Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Coupons Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Anti-spam contact form Yes Yes Yes
Live Google map Yes Yes Multiple Locations
Search engine submission Yes Yes Yes
SEO research/design hours 1-5 6-20 20+
SEO performance tracking 2 months FREE 4 months FREE 6 months FREE
Tracking/analytics Yes Yes Yes
Customer database:   Unlimited Unlimited
BLOG directly on site   Yes Yes
Create/edit events & sales   Unlimited Unlimited
Create/edit custom forms   Unlimited Unlimited
Add files for download   Yes Yes
Create/edit articles and projects   Unlimited Unlimited
Supports multiple locations     Unlimited
Create/edit surveys     Unlimited
User registration/login     Unlimited
Custom applications     Yes

E-commerce on your website

  Essential Charged Turbo
Shopping cart   Integrated Integrated
Products   Unlimited Unlimited
Digital Products   Unlimited Unlimited
Payment processing   3rd party Integrated
Drop ship support     Included
Security certificate   Available Included
Additional cost   $20 /month Included


A blog is becoming more and more important in today’s online business society. It can play a highly-impactful role in establishing your company’s brand and credibility, as well as serving as a way to drive additional traffic to your company’s website. Today’s technology enable’s even the most technologically-challenged individuals to have the capability of producing a professional and effective blog. To assist you in your blogging efforts, we provide the following services:
Option 1
We evaluate your blogging needs to determine the best blog hosting platform, build out the blog template for you, and enter initial, basic content to get you started. We also provide basic instruction in how to continue building your blog and how to develop traffic to the site.
Option 2
We charge you a monthly blog development/maintenance fee which allows us to build a blog template for you, and then continue adding content on your behalf on an on-going basis.