Virtual Franchise Events, Inc.

The mission of this organization is to utilize the latest technology to assist the franchise industry in achieving growth.  This is accomplished thru the implementation of:
  • Virtual Franchise Fairs
  • Virtual trade shows for individual franchise organizations or franchise associations
  • Franchise-branded franchisee training programs
  • Franchise-branded franchisee/staff motivation programs
  • Franchise-branded franchisee recruitment seminars
  • Franchisor executive presentations to the franchise network
  • Franchise product development sessions 
Learn more about the types of events to be offered by clicking HERE.  To see a PowerPoint Presentation about Virtual Franchise Events, click HERE.

Virtual Events:  By the Numbers

  • Average Virtual Event attendee registration:  3,102
  • Average Virtual Event actual attendance:  1,587 (though many have been as high as 15,000)
  • Average Virtual Event show-up rate:  52%
  • Average "live" length of a Virtual Event:  1.5 days
  • Average leads generated by each Sponsor and/or Exhibitor at a Virtual Event:  348
  • Average attendee time at a Virtual Event:  2 hours 31 minutes
  • Average Virtual Event attendee event locations (booths/presentations, etc.) visited:  16
  • Average Virtual Event attendee interactions with Sponsors/Exhibitors:  13
  • Average resource materials downloads per Virtual Event attendee:  5
  • Typical event attendee geographic location distribution:  US 58%     International 42%
  • Average Virtual Event "on demand" archive days:  90
  • Average additional leads generated during archived on-demand event:  20-30% additional
  • Trade show industry data indicates average cost-per-lead at in-person shows to be as high as $148 versus Virtual Trade Shows with an average cost-per-lead as low as $20
  • Traditional national trade show exhibitor average expenditure:  $15,000 vs. Virtual national trade show exhibitor average expenditure:  $3,000 - 8,000

A Virtual Events Overview

Virtual events are conducted entirely online with event organizers, presenters, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees exchanging information and networking from the convenience of their computers.  These events look and feel remarkably similar to their in-person counterparts while delivering the same knowledge-sharing and personal interactions at a significantly reduced cost and requiring less investment of time and staff resources.
An additional benefit of virtual events for the sponsors and exhibitors is the rich marketing data that they deliver - far more than can be obtained at their in-person counterparts.  The anonymity of attendees roaming the in-person event evaporates; instead, sponsors and exhibitors receive detailed marketing data about attendees, much better than any other marketing vehicle available today.  Further, many virtual event organizers see many more C-level executives than at a physical show because attending a virtual event requires less of a time committment on their part. 
For event attendees, it's much easier to gather information without having to deal with someone hovering to obtain their business card.  In fact, studies show that attendees are more apt to interact with an exhibitor, speaker or another event attendess online than in-person.  New technologies, including the most business-applicable elements of Web 2.0 and social networking, make it extremely easy for professional networking to occur in virtual events.

Virtual Events and the Franchise Industry

Since our recent introduction of Virtual Franchise Events to the franchise community on many websites and within various social media, we’ve been asked questions about the use of virtual technology in the past, and its viability for future use. Below, please see a representation of the typical question we have been receiving and our response to it:

Comment/Question: I have heard about these virtual concepts, but those that have used them have mentioned they received low traffic and results that weren't particularly impressive. Can you elaborate how programs developed by Virtual Franchise Events will be different, as well as how they will be able to produce better results?

Response: “Previous virtual events have been less than well-attended for sure. I believe the same can be said for in-person events as well - especially recently, due to economic difficulties. However, in both cases - virtual and in-person - I believe it all comes down to effectively marketing the events by doing a better job of educating and explaining the benefits each type of program can provide. Also, virtual technology used in the past has been either static, or almost cartoonish with very jerky movements, coming across as very unprofessional and uninviting.

That being said, franchise tradeshows are just a small part of Virtual Franchise Events. With new, state-of-the-art technology that makes the experience appear more like video, complete with personal interaction, VFE will be a complete virtual resource with a multitude of events including a new approach to webinars, trade conferences, corporate conventions, and the backbone, (no, it’s not tradeshows) TRAINING. And, unlike in-person events, these events will be archived for future use and reference!

In addition, VFE focuses ONLY on the franchise community which is unlike the typical tradeshow company whose focus is on any industry and company that might attend a tradeshow. In addition, with respect to tradeshows, VFE events will not, and should not, be considered an alternative to in-person events. Instead, our programs should be looked at as a tool to complement in-person events and enhance the tradeshow experience by affording individuals and groups that are not able to attend in-person events, the opportunity to participate, communicate and share information. I believe it will create an international interaction in the franchise community that has not been the case in the past. Personally, I believe this interaction will strengthen franchising by facilitating a joining  of US and international franchise efforts."

Last, unlike many past virtual events, VFE has already begun receiving commitments from top franchise and small business experts and personalities that will participate as featured and keynote speakers at VFE events. In fact, as the events are virtual, many have embraced the fact that they can participate more and not have to concern themselves with travel and other time commitments. They’ve actually expressed excitement that they will receive, not only more exposure, but more opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with the franchise community. The same has been expressed by franchise professionals that, through the recent economic downturn, have come to realize the importance of networking, and VFE events will create new and additional networking opportunities that again, will complement what’s already being done. 


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