What is a Virtual Event?

With today's business owners, business executives and consumers all more pressed for time than ever before, there is a great need for them to be able to conduct and/or participate in meetings and to gather information as efficiently as possible.  The economy further adds to the problem with everyone seeking to be as cost-effective as they can.  Where previously one might have driven somewhere, or even hopped on a plane for these purposes, today the efficient and cost-effective method of meeting these needs is to participate in a Virtual Event.
Virtual events are conducted via computer and/or telephone with event organizers, presenters, sponsors, and attendees exchanging information from the convenience of their computers. 
These events deliver knowledge-sharing at a significantly reduced cost and requiring less investment of time and staff resources.
Virtual events will include various configurations of the latest technologies in webcasting, online chats, video streaming, and webinars to provide elements such as presentations, Q&A, and distribution of literature – all without ever leaving your desk or home to participate.  In the case of virtual environment events, the technologies also include:  social media and avatar graphics, and they lead to the capabilities of one-on-one interaction and a much higher level of retrieved marketing data than is possible even with an in-person event.
For event participants, it's much easier to listen, take notes, gather information and interact via online chat or voice when they choose to without having to deal with someone hovering to obtain their business card, and without incurring wasted travel time and/or significant expense. 

Types of Virtual Events

  • Tele-conference / tele-seminar
  • Video conferences
  • Video phone call
  • Webinars
  • Webcast
  • Live Internet radio
  • Web chat
  • Web collaboration
  • Podcasts
  • Web conferencing
  • Virtual environment events

To Determine if Your Firm Can Benefit from Virtual Events

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