Steps to an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Firm:  The Social Media Make-over

Step 1: Place Your Order for a Social Media Audit & Recommendations via PayPal
After your order and payment has been received, we’ll schedule a conference call with you to review your current social media situation, needs and goals to be achieved.
Step 2: Perform Social Media Audit
We review your current Social Media participation, including: 
  • the social networks you are currently using, if any,
  • how you are using them, who from your firm is participating,
  • the content being shared, and
  • a current Internet reputation analysis for your firm. 
We will assess your current Social Media program against the following critical issues:
  • What are the goals and objectives for utilizing Social Media in your company?
  • Have you developed a comprehensive Marketing strategy inclusive of Social Media?
  • Have you identified specific targets for your Social Media efforts?
  • Are you utilizing the most effective Social Media opportunities to reach your target groups?
  • Do your Social Media efforts effectively represent your firm?
  • Is your firm interacting with its Social Media community?
  • Are you tracking Social Media results?
  • Can you determine sales resulting from Social Media efforts?
We compare our audit findings against your stated goals to determine the effectiveness of your current strategies.
Step 3: Develop Our Social Media Marketing Strategy Recommendations
We develop a social media marketing strategy designed to:
  • Insure that the company’s goals are realistic and clearly defined
  • Target the correct audience demographics; social media networks will be utilized which are targeted toward the demographic groups being sought by your firm.
  • Achieve interaction between the company and the audience of customers and/or prospective customers
  • Enable your firm to monitor discussions about your company taking place on the Internet
  • Ultimately increase revenue
Social media marketing strategies may include, but not be limited to:
  • The use of a variety of general audience social networking communities; including branded pages
  • The use of a variety of industry or demographic specific social networking communities
  • Social bookmarking communities
  • Blogs
  • Video sharing communities
  • Photo sharing communities
  • Internet radio
  • Internet TV
  • Development of a website or changes to an existing website to make it more social media-friendly
  • Social media measuring and analysis tools

Steps 1 -3 Only $239 Package Pricing

(ala carte Value = $1100)

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Step 4: Social Media Marketing Strategy Implementation
  • We will develop your branded presence on the recommended social networks and platforms
  • We will identify and obtain a minimum of 100 contacts per social network utilized that are prospective business development opportunities for your firm
  • We will work with you to develop initial content to begin your social media interaction on each network and post that content for you
  • If a blog is included in our recommendation, we will develop the blog for you and insure that it is filled with relevant and useful links, information pages, and content to attract the attention of readers/potential customers
  • We will list the blog on various Internet directories to increase its visibility
  • We will promote your social network pages and/or blog via a wide variety of Internet resources as well as a News Release
  • We will set up social media/Internet monitoring to enable your firm to track appearances of your company’s name on social networks and throughout the Internet; this will enable you to have an awareness of any problem situations as soon as they occur so that appropriate actions may be taken.
Step 5: On-going Social Media Marketing Strategy Management/Analysis
  • If your firm elects for in-house management of your social media marketing on an on-going basis, we will turn over to you all necessary User IDs and Passwords to enable access to your various accounts. Additionally, we will provide 2 hours of training to the individual(s) who will be managing your program going forward
  • If your firm elects to continue outsourcing your social media marketing to Strategic Growth Concepts on an on-going basis, we will implement a retainer contract with you and invoice you for the first month’s retainer (amount TBD based on hours required to maintain your customized program on a monthly basis). We will then continue to implement your program as recommended, and provide you with a monthly results review.
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To sign up for a Social Media Make-over for your firm, click HERE.


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