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Strategic Growth Concepts - Our Founder - Linda Daichendt - Linda___professional_photoOur Founder, CEO/Managing Consultant, Linda Daichendt, has over 20 years Corporate and Entrepreneurial experience in Marketing, Operations, Strategic Planning and Staffing.  She is a specialist in Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Virtual Events production; and is a Co-founder of Mobile Monday Michigan, the Michigan-based branch of the international Mobile Monday organization;as well as the Founder of the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan, a trade association for the Michigan-based mobile community.
Linda is an experienced entrepreneur who has owned several successful businesses in the Consulting, Marketing, Outplacement, Chemical Wholesale Distribution, and Residential/Commercial Services Contracting industries.
Her background includes work for employers and clients that provided National and International multi-industry experience, including:
  • Consulting
  • Franchising
  • Retail
  • Wireless
  • Coatings/Chemical Distribution
  • Consumer Goods
  • Personal Services
  • Residential/Commercial Contracting Services
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Shopping Center Development/Management
  • Staffing/HR Contracting/Outplacement
  • Training Education
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Video Entertainment
  • Entertainment Facilities Management
  • Non-profit  
  • Co-Founder/Current member - Mobile Monday-Michigan
  • Founder - Mobile Technology Association of Michigan
  • Current member – SE Michigan Women’s Franchise Association (IFA Affiliate)
  • Former Board member – Edison Technology Incubator (Ohio)
  • Former Board member – Junior Achievement of the Mahoning Valley (Ohio)  
Linda has frequently spoken to groups on the topics of:
  • What Makes an Effective Entrepreneur
  • Woman as Small Business Owners
  • Starting and Growing a Small Business
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Marketing via Mobile Marketing
  • Marketing via Social Media
  • Marketing via Virtual Events and Virtual Environment Events
  • Outplacement; How a Business Should Effectively – and Humanely – Downsize When it’s Required
  • Job Search Skills for Individuals
Marketing background includes:  marketing plan development / implementation, advertising, public relations, internal communications, customer service programs, sales training and management, website development / management, sponsorship programs, event planning / implementation, brand management, creative development / production management. Specialty areas include:  mobile marketing, social media marketing and virtual events.
Operations background includes:  short-term / long-term productivity management, staff management / scheduling, purchasing, inventory control, quality management, and departmental communication / coordination.
Strategic Planning background includes:  identification of objectives, development of company philosphy, goal setting (short-term and long-term), establishing policies / procedures, organizational structure planning, facilities management, KPI (key performance indicators) identification / measurement strategies, budget development, and cash-flow analysis.
Human Resources background in Temporary Placement, Permanent Placement, Recruiting, HR Management, Outplacement, Job Fair Event Production


“...I have hired Linda for a multitude of marketing projects and have been quite pleased with the extent of her marketing knowlege, especially in mobile marketing. Always thinking of mobile marketing as just a little more than text messaging, I was pleasantly surprised as Linda tirelessly demonstrated to me the various aspects of effective mobile marketing and how it could be utilized to significantly increase foot traffic to local businesses.
I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Linda as a guest on her Strategic Growth Concepts Blog Talk Radio show, and have been impressed by her ability to keep her guests engaged and the conversation moving along without missing a beat. Upon downloading the podcasts of several of my guest appearances on the show, my clients have expressed similar sentiment. Her professionalism has certainly left a lasting impression on my clients. Ultimately, that is a good reflection on me as well.
Linda has completed several very important projects for me as a Strategic Partner of my company, franchisEssentials. The attention to detail has been second to none and the projects have always been delivered ahead of schedule. Overall, the projects have always exceeded my expectations despite some interesting challenges I’ve been forced to share with her with along the way. Plain and simple, she gets the job done with no excuses. I would highly recommend Linda for any simple or complex marketing project for small to mid-size companies, as she certainly has the drive, knowledge and resourcefulness to accomplish the “wow” effect that is often needed to exceed the goals and objectives of the project itself.”
- Paul Segreto, Founder/President, franchisEssentials
"...Linda was professional and well-spoken...did an amazing job of "selling" her ideas, teaching these owners how to grow their businesses independently while also positively impacting the company as a whole..."
- Kelly Young, Franchisee/Owner, Wireless Toyz
"...assist with not only the outplacement of the members of the department which was being eliminated, but also to assist with the announcement to the effected workers.  While most, if not all employers faced with a downsizing or reorganization are seen by those being outplaced as the enemy, ... with the expertise that Linda brought to the table the employees expressed gratitude that the company cared enough to look out for their well-being....was a rewarding experience in the face of a very difficult situation for all parties concerned..."
- John B. Booth, Regional Human Resources Manager, Rural/Metro Ambulance
"...whether it's a national event or a corporate board meeting, you can count on Linda to go the extra mile in planning, implementation...for successful execution."
- Penny Mayry, Marketing Coordinator, Wireless Toyz
"Linda beautifully balances careful planning and involving the right people with moving intiatives forward quickly and steadily.  She has perfect follow-through and has always exceeded my expectations in the quality of her work.  She is fearless, honest, and sincere.  I trust her completely..."
- Andrea Sorensen, Franchisee/Owner, Wireless Toyz
"...Balancing multiple projects, working with many diverse personalities and keeping it all moving forward takes a special skill set and Linda definitely has it."
- Kathy Johnson, Owner, Old Dog New Tricks Advertising
 "Linda's incredible enthusiasm, die-hard work ethic and project leadership are invaluable...to success under tight deadlines and with limited resources.  She has great people and political skills and the intelligence to know the best time to apply each..."
- Christopher Mundt, Regional Director, Wireless Toyz
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