Local Internet Business Listings Management Services

Local Business Listing and Local Search Engine Optimization Can Increase Sales and Visits

Get professional help at a low one time fee for ALL your local business listings! (includes Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Local.com, Yelp, and much more!)

We provide more than submission or getting listed services. We help Claim, Update, Maintain and have a progressive path to help you with future local search marketing services like QR Codes and Citations. Besides almost 99% of all businesses are already listed - but inaccurately, inconsistently, or incompletely.
The last thing you need is to "get listed". Claiming, Updating and Maintaining your local business listings at multiple local listing websites is the answer to turn local consumers searching for you business, products and services into customers!

Let your local customers find you and start generating leads from new online marketing sources. Your local business listings show up in search results and on mobile devices when your customers are around town.

Let us help you prepare your local business listings with the major search engines and local directories like Local.com and Yelp. Get the right keywords, your pictures, your videos, your coupons, offers and much more into the local listings.

What are Local Business Listings

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In summary this is your free yellow page listings by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. There are over 60 local business listing websites on the Internet in five different categories. They include the search engines, social communities, 411 websites (aka yellow page type websites), GPS websites and the age old business directory.
Do you still need to advertise with the Yellow Pages? This need is definitely dwindling. The upcoming generations are using the Internet and their mobile phones. Most probably are not familiar with the hard copy yellow pages. Baby-Boomers are a growing group of mobile device users...and certainly EVERYONE is using the Internet.

Your customers are searching for every type of business, in your local area, using the Internet or their mobile devices. All of the major search engines and local Internet directories are rushing to become a local yellow page replacement.

Get your business listed (if infact it is not), claimed, updated and tap into the growing number of people using local business listings to find businesses, services and products.

Benefits of Local Business Listing

  1. Listings can show up in search results
  2. Helps advertise your business for free
  3. Helps promote any discounts, offers, promotions
  4. Displays on Mobile maps (e.g. iPhone)
  5. Displays your business photos
  6. Generates leads using online marketing
  7. Free listing, no additional fees
  8. Free updates anytime
  9. Free statistics and insights about people searching and finding your listing
  10. Free value enhancements not provided by regular yellow pages
  11. Can possibly eliminate your regular yellow page costs

Services of Local Business Listing

  1. Keyword research to update your listing
  2. Coordination for listing verification and claiming
  3. Confirmation when work is completed (usually within 2 weeks)
  4. Data about your listing keywords, impressions, clicks (Google specific)
  5. Instructions how you can maintain your listing or we can help update for you (unless you wish for us to maintain the listing for you, monthly fee applies)
  6. Update/Add your Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email, Website
  7. Update/Add your Business information
  8. Update/Add your Products, Services, or Menu information
  9. Update/Add Discounts, Promotions, Offers
  10. Manage Customer Reviews
  11. Update/Add Photos
  12. Update/Add Videos
  13. Update/Add Location Map
  14. Only search engine free listings will be included in services.
  15. Search engines that offer enhanced monthly listing fees can be added to base price

Security for Your Local Business Listings

Local business listing hijackings are only the beginning of the potential problems with local business listings. Consumers are finding these interactive yellow pages easy to use and with the wrong information they can be lead to the wrong business or given the wrong information about your business.

The security around the various local listing websites and low level business directories on the Internet make waiting passively for the system to fix itself not an option for businesses.