Tools/Resources for Job Seekers

TweetMyResume - Twitter based tool for sharing your resume with potential employers, and for subscribing to various job search channels providing information on available positions.
Visual CV - online resume / portfolio (excellent tool)
LinkedIN - professional network
Using the Social Web to Find Work - an eBook by Chris Brogan
QuietAgent - excellent job search tool (part of United We Work)
We Work is a new nationwide service designed to stimulate hiring by connecting job seekers and employers without any recruiting, job posting or advertising fees.
Any job seeker looking for work can join United We Work and be hired for free. Any employer can easily find, contact and hire job seekers without incurring recruitment costs.
United We Work is provided by an alliance of leading American corporations to help get America working. Principal sponsors include 7-Eleven, Allstate, ADP, AT&T, Hewitt Associates, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Office Depot, Sears Holdings and Starbucks.
Social Media & Career Success Presentation (must be a member of LinkedIN to view)
Wordpress or Blogger - start a blog so employers can see your expertise
Department of Labor - get your unemployment and COBRA answers here
CareerOneStopCenters - unemployment info, by state
Mint - Free Online Budget Management & Financial Tracking Tool
Meetup - find local support meetings to network, gain advice, socialize (and just get out of the house!)
Freelancer's Union - A federation of the unaffiliated
100+ Places to Find Jobs - variety of job search resources
TwitHire - job board service on Twitter
Government Aid Increases to Help Educate Adults - Federal Government grant and loan options increase under the Obama administration; maybe now is the time to return to school
Meet Your New (MYNE) - a resource for employers to find your video resume (and provide you with tips to produce an effective one)
85 Tools/Resources for Freelancers - for those who want to freelance until a permanent position is found, or those who want to freelance on an on-going basis
Flex-Jobs - a paid service that locates and screens tele-commuting job opportunities
Executive Preview - professionally recorded video overlay of yourself over your resume; definitely sets you apart!
Must-See Presentations for Job Seekers
Job Search Resources


"Thank you for conducting the ... seminar for our members of the Youngstown Education Association who are being scheduled for layoff.  Our members were uniformly impressed with the quality of your presentation.  All of the feedback was extremely positive.  This seminar gave our members a sense of reassurance regarding their ability to locate other work..."
Donald E. Banas, Employee Relations Consultant at Ohio Education Association

" long seminars were held to help staff at Woodside Hospital prepare for the closure of the hospital by informing them how to do job searches... The evaluations submitted by staff on this...were outstanding.  Staff commented on her professionalism and wealth of knowledge that she shared with them."
Janet L. Thomas, Human Resources Manager at Ohio Department of Mental Health

"...has worked very closely...for the past year in recruiting high quality individuals for our firm and our clients...and has done so with a high degree of professionalism.  The quality of Linda's referrals exemplifies her commitment to matching the best qualified people to individual job requirements for her client companies..."
Anne Tuite, Assistant Personnel Director, Hoffman & Dykes Certified Public Accountants
"...assist with not only the outplacement of the members of the department which was being eliminated, but also to assist with the announcement to the effected workers.  While most, if not all employers faced with a downsizing or reorganization are seen by those being outplaced as the enemy, ... with the expertise that Linda brought to the table the employees expressed gratitude that the company cared enough to look out for their well-being....was a rewarding experience in the face of a very difficult situation for all parties concerned..."
- John B. Booth, Regional Human Resources Manager, Rural/Metro Ambulance
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