Impact & Potential of Mobile Marketing 

  • SMS is typically read within an average of 15 minutes after receipt, and responded to within 60 minutes
  • A Nielsen study indicates more than half of mobile data subscribers (51%) who saw a mobile ad responded to it by sending a text-message, clicking on it, or calling a specific number.
  • In analyzing the mobile audience, Nielsen found that teens were the most likely to recall seeing some type of mobile ad (46%) compared to 29% of users overall.  Asian-Americans and African-Americans were among other demographic groups with high recall rates, at 42% and 40%, respectively.
  • 88% of all mobile subscribers have a text enabled phone. 51% have received SMS marketing messages, and 25% have opted in to marketing messaging from a brand.
  • 14% said they are already open to mobile advertising so long as it is relevant to their interests
Source:  Nielsen - Improved Recall, Comfort With Mobile Ads Study; Luth Research June 2009; *Smartphone Owners Want Mobile Coupons, Mobile Marketing Watch
  • According to industry estimates, by 2013 the U.S. will top 100% per capita penetration of mobile phone use
  • 2/3 of mobile phone users are “active users of SMS text messaging.” What does that translate to? Approximately 1.8 billion people are actively texting today
  • Globally, there are twice as many active users of SMS as there are active users of email
  • In the U.S. alone, roughly 300 billion text messages were sent in 2007
  • While 65% of e-mail is spam, less than 10% of SMS is spam
Source: Experian via Mobile Marketing Watch
  • 200+ million Americans carry mobile phones—over half of the country's population
  • 40% of major brands have deployed text messaging (SMS) campaigns
  • 18% of major brands have deployed multi-media messaging (MMS) campaigns
Source: Airwide Solutions independent survey of 50 brand name companies
  • A survey of 2,400 moms reveals that the single most important tech gadget in their lives is the cell phone (23%), followed by the Internet (21%) and the digital camera (19%)
Source:, March 2008

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