How We Work With You

After your initial consultation with our CEO/Managing Consultant, your firm will be assigned a consultant to work directly with your organization for the duration of the assignment.This consultant and our CEO will call upon the resources of our network of experts to pull together the SGC team members most suited to fulfilling the needs of your organization.
SGC consists of a network of highly-experienced professionals who have achieved success in all aspects of running an organization.This network includes specialists in:  Marketing (various specialty areas), Operations, Public Relations, Merchandising, Franchising, Site Selection, Financial Management, Sales/Business Development, Strategic Planning, Resource Management, and Staffing; additional specialists are added as may be required to effectively fulfill the needs of our client firms.
Fees for services will be designated in stages and are based on the size, annual revenue, and needs (Scope of Work) of your organization.
  • The initial one-hour phone or in-person consultation with our CEO is at no-charge
  • Fees for the information-gathering meetings and recommendations presentation are due-in-full in advance of services being rendered
  • Fees for implementation of recommendations will be paid according to a mutually agreed upon schedule based upon the scope of the required services (see Standard Billing Options)
  • Miscellaneous expenses (i.e.:travel, materials production, etc) will be charged for reimbursement at-cost.


Retainer: we perform services for your firm on an on-going basis; you are billed monthly in advance
By project: we are contracted for the implementation / completion of a specific project; typically a portion of the project fee is due in advance, a portion is due at an agreed-upon point during project implementation, and the final portion is due at project completion
Hourly rate: you ask us to perform services for “x” number of hours; payment is due-in-full in advance
We are, of course, open to considering alternative billing options for your company dependent upon the range and duration of services.  Please inform us of your firm’s need for a special billing arrangement.
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