How We Can Assist You with Mobile Marketing

We will:

  • evaluate your mobile marketing needs to determine our best recommendation to meet your firms needs
  • identify vendor(s) for you to work with; then assist you by facilitating your project with those vendors
  • train you to utilize any mobile vendor content management systems to manage your 'opt-in' list and campaigns
  • give you ideas to help you build up your 'opt-in' list, and if needed work with you to implement these programs
  • insure you are well-versed in regulations for utilizing mobile marketing
  • serve as an on-going resource for ideas to generate successful and effective mobile marketing campaigns
  • teach you how to integrate mobile marketing into your overall marketing strategy to insure all elements of your strategy are as effective as possible; and as needed, work with you to facilitate this integration
  • provide on-going support as needed
  • hold at least quarterly conference calls with you to:
    • insure that your campaigns are successful,
    • insure the size of your list is expanding,
    • review your campaign statistics to identify areas where we can help you improve results,
    • resolve any issues/answer any questions you may be having, and
    • insure that you are pleased with our service

Mobile Services Package Options:

Package 1
This option is most effective if your firm would like to 'dip your toe in' to the Mobile Marketing arena, to see how it works, and effectively, to 'test out the waters' before committing additional financial and/or staff resources.  It will provide you with:
  • a branded mobile website
  • a QR code to direct potential clients to your mobile website
  • a self-controlled SMS messaging system to interact with existing customers and prospects
Package 2
This option is most effective if you would like to position your firm as a strong user of Mobile Marketing technology and completely integrate Mobile into your marketing strategies.  Additionally, this option will provide detailed tracking data to enable your firm to quantify the effectiveness of the various campaigns being implemented.
In this option we will work with you to determine the best Mobile Marketing services for your firm to implement and the best ways to integrate them into your existing marketing strategy, then coordinate the implementation of your program with your firm and the selected vendors.  
Package 3
This option allows your firm to Private Label a wide range of Mobile Marketing services and provide them to others.  It is suitable for firms that are interested in re-selling mobile services such as advertising agencies, trade associations, or franchisors/corporate firms that are responsible for managing and/or approving the marketing campaigns of multiple distribution units in their organization.
Firms who select this option will be able to maintain overall control of multiple accounts, authorize various levels of account access, set your own pricing, and receive over-rides on Mobile campaigns implemented by those you are providing services to.
Services that you would be able to provide would typically include:
  • SMS (text) messaging
  • Click-to-call / Click-to-email service
  • Mobile websites
  • Generic or Branded QR codes
  • IVR phone messages
Additional service options would include:
  • Mobile commerce
  • Mobile applications
  • Location-based services via GPS technology
  • Mobile banner ads
  • Mobile ad networks
  • Mobile SEO
  • and much, much more!
Private label service providers would also receive and be able to provide detailed tracking reports on all implemented services.

AlaCarte Mobile Services Options:

AlaCarte Mobile Marketing services options are also available that will enable you to purchase individually:
  • a single mobile campaign designed to generate interest in your product or service and to obtain 'opt-ins' from those individuals so that you may communicate with them in future, may include: contests, coupons, give-a-ways, and more
  • a branded mobile website
  • a QR code that be designed to direct users to your target of choice, including:  a PC website, a blog, a coupon, an individual's contact information for business development purposes, a map to your location, and much more
  • a self-controlled SMS messaging system to interact with existing customers and prospects

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