How Strategic Growth Concepts Supports our Community

Strategic Growth Concepts has selected a local community charity to 'adopt', and to provide with our support.  Because of our CEO's love for animals, we have selected a local non-profit, 'no-kill', foster-based rescue group for dogs.  The group's name is HomeFur-ever Animal Rescue, and they have been around since 1983.
Our efforts to assist this group have to-date included the following:
  • setting up and managing their social media presence via Twitter and Facebook until group members could be trained to take over
  • developing and managing a blog for the organization, Pets Forever at HomeFur-ever until group members could be trained to take over
  • developing and distributing news releases about HomeFur-ever events, including the recent theft of their van and enclosed trailer which held all of the organization's tools and equipment (van & trailer were recovered, with damage, but everything inside was gone or damaged beyond repair).  We are assisting them in a social media campaign designed to replace their supplies and equipment thru donations.
  • preparing a number of grant applications for submission to national retailers and foundations in an effort to aid them in replacing supplies and equipment
  • working with our partner firm, Powerful Design, to build a new website for the organization.  This new website provides the following functions:
    • The ability to provide one-time donations OR monthly donations in increments of $10, $25, $50, or $100 
    • The opportunity to ‘sponsor’ on-going animal care, treatment for major animal medical issues, or gifting an adoption. 
    • A HomeFur-ever ‘Fundraising Kit’ for individuals or groups who want to develop fundraising events on behalf of HomeFur-ever 
    • Photo galleries of the group’s animals with individual photos which enlarge significantly when clicked on to enable better views of the available animals 
    • A HomeFur-ever video 
    • Links to upcoming HomeFur-ever adoption & fundraising events (including links to maps of event locations) 
    • Videos of, and links to, the news coverage received as a result of the recent robbery the group was subjected to 
    • Resource links for pet owners, including:  pet emergency care, trainers, veterinarians, pet insurance, and many others 
    • An educational page about current animal-related issues 
    • Access to the HomeFur-ever Twitter and Facebook sites 
    • Online forms for those interested in:  fostering, adoption, volunteering, raising funds for the group, making food or other donations to the group, etc. 
    • A link to the website of an artist who does custom animal paintings; HomeFur-ever will obtain 10% of the revenue generated from every painting contracted via the link from the HomeFur-ever website 
    • Links to national animal-rescue related fundraising sites
Additionally, our CEO has taken in several foster animals for the group until permanent homes can be found for them.
If you are looking for a non-profit organization to which you can provide cash or supply donations, or to volunteer your time, we're certain HomeFur-ever Animal Rescue - and their animals - would be grateful for your support.
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HomeFur-ever is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed in 1983 for the purpose of rescuing abused, abandoned and neglected animals and providing them with new adoptive homes. 
HomeFur-ever is a volunteer-based, 'no-kill' animal rescue group.

The non-profit organization is dependent upon volunteers and donations to continue its animal life-saving efforts.  The group relies on a network of foster families throughout the Detroit Metro area who care for animals under the group's protection, and provide all necessary medical care (at the organization's expense), animal personality assessment, human and animal socialization, and behavioral training as may be required to insure the animals are adoption-ready so they may become a member of a new, loving family at the earliest opportunity.

HomeFur-ever takes in animals of various breeds, sizes, ages, and medical conditions, and they concentrate on saving as many animal lives as possible.  All animals are provided with proper medical treatment including:  shots, de-worming, neutering (to prevent additions to the existing over-abundant puppy and kitten population), heartworm testing, and preventive medication.  The group is frequently required to expend substantial investments in major medical procedures for animals who have been rescued from abusive and abandonment situations in order to adhere to its 'no-kill' policy.  These costs are all covered thru the receipt of donations and pet adoption fees.  HomeFur-ever cares for an average of 90 animals at any given time.
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