Below, please find representative samples of our work for clients.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on these projects or work we have completed for other clients, or if you would like to explore how we might help you grow your business!
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Client Projects:

A few of our Mobile Technology-related clients:

Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Impact Marketing Services
Mobile Technology Association of Michigan
Comfort Dental
Wireless Toyz (individual franchisees)

Strategic Growth Concepts - Client Information - MAD_Logo_12_8_10   Make a Difference Rescue

Blog Development / Management
Social Media Development / Management

Strategic Growth Concepts - Client Information - logo_draft_1   Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM)

Blog Development / Management
Social Media Development / Management
Mobile Technology Projects
Mobile Website (view from mobile device to see mobile site)
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Website Development / Management

Strategic Growth Concepts - Client Information - Front_Book_CoverTony Rassini, Author

Blog Development 
Social Media Development

Strategic Growth Concepts - Client Information - Comfort_Dental_logo___large  Comfort Dental

Social Media Development

Strategic Growth Concepts - Client Information - TMJ_logo___MTHI_head_logo  Michigan TMJ / Headache Institute

Social Media Development

Strategic Growth Concepts - Client Information - Maru_family_factsFamily Facts by Pam Socolow

Blog Development
Social Media Development

Strategic Growth Concepts - Client Information - SSBI_LOGOStrategic Small Business Initiative (The SSBI)

Social Media Development
News Releases

Strategic Growth Concepts - Client Information - logofranchisEssentials

Article Ghost-writing
News Releases


Strategic Growth Concepts - Client Information - Wireless_Toyz_logo_3D___15_Wireless Toyz - Sacramento area stores

News Releases
Blog Development
Social Media Development

 Strategic Growth Concepts - Client Information - hfe_logoHomeFur-ever Animal Rescue

News Releases
Website Development
Blog Development / Maintenance
Social Media Development / Maintenance

Strategic Growth Concepts - Client Information - Virtual_Franchise_Events_logoVirtual Franchise Events

News Releases
Website Development
Social Media Development / Maintenance

Strategic Growth Concepts - Client Information - graphic_dog___bone_temp_logo_fileSpecial Friends Animal Rescue

Blog Development/Maintenance
Social Media Development / Maintenance


Strategic Growth Concepts - Client Information - Mobile_Monday_logo___tiny Mobile Monday - Michigan

Blog Development / Maintenance
Social Media Development / Maintenance
Twitter - Michigan
Facebook - Michigan

Endorsements of our Work:

"I first had the pleasure to work with Linda on a joint project for the HomeFur-Ever non-profit organization...We worked together to help create awareness for the HomeFur-ever fundraising event. Immediately, I recognized Linda's exceptional social media skills and her willingness to help in this endeavor. I found Linda very instrumental in assisting and communicating effectively through social media tools...I highly recommend Linda, CEO of Strategic Growth Concepts and her services."
- Lynor Pereira, Principal, JuNaPa Marketing
"Linda is one knowledgeable lady. Ask her a question about marketing, social media, or mobile marketing and she's right on top of it. And not only is she knowledgeable, but she's willing to help her fellow business owners with their marketing needs in many areas in very reasonable, cost-effective ways... Within days she took on my social media mess and has created sense out of mayhem. I would highly recommend Linda in any of her capacities - particularly her work with mobile marketing and all the myriad of social networking. You can't go wrong with Linda on your side."
- Nancy Sherman, Executive Director, SSBI (Strategic Small Business Initiative)
"Linda is a tremendous asset to anyone, any small business serious about growing and moving their business ahead. She has provided me with unquestionably the most helpful guidance on social networking focused on growing my executive consulting practice...It is my pleasure to highly recommend Linda as a strategic resource for  growing small business using mobile and social networking mediums."
- Sandy Graham, Managing Partner, Sequoyah Associates
“...I have hired Linda for a multitude of marketing projects and have been quite pleased with the extent of her marketing knowlege, especially in mobile marketing. Always thinking of mobile marketing as just a little more than text messaging, I was pleasantly surprised as Linda tirelessly demonstrated to me the various aspects of effective mobile marketing and how it could be utilized to significantly increase foot traffic to local businesses.
I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Linda as a guest on her Strategic Growth Concepts Blog Talk Radio show, and have been impressed by her ability to keep her guests engaged and the conversation moving along without missing a beat. Upon downloading the podcasts of several of my guest appearances on the show, my clients have expressed similar sentiment. Her professionalism has certainly left a lasting impression on my clients. Ultimately, that is a good reflection on me as well.
Linda has completed several very important projects for me as a Strategic Partner of my company, franchisEssentials. The attention to detail has been second to none and the projects have always been delivered ahead of schedule. Overall, the projects have always exceeded my expectations despite some interesting challenges I’ve been forced to share with her with along the way. Plain and simple, she gets the job done with no excuses. I would highly recommend Linda for any simple or complex marketing project for small to mid-size companies, as she certainly has the drive, knowledge and resourcefulness to accomplish the “wow” effect that is often needed to exceed the goals and objectives of the project itself.”
- Paul Segreto, Founder/President, franchisEssentials
“… When I first hired her firm …, I was amazed at the level of detail that went into the process. From the education of the customer, to the training of the employees and all of the communication and execution in between…”
— Bernie O’Meara, CFO, Wireless Toyz
“… teamed up … for ideas for marketing franchises to prospective franchisees…insures that the company’s branding message is consistent across all channels.  She values measuring and monitoring to maximize the use of available marketing dollars…”
— Gail Parker, National Franchise Development Manager, Wireless Toyz
“…has always been professional, direct and honest.  Linda has worked tirelessly to help franchisees get their message out to the public in an efficient, cost-effective manner while always exploring and keeping an open mind re:  getting the biggest bang for our advertising dollars. Linda will tell you what you need to hear, maybe not always what you want to hear.  I appreciate honesty and directness.” 
— Cynthia Solaka, Owner, Solaka, Inc.
“… an engine that doesn’t stop and is always available to give her insight. In a world where having someone return your call is a miracle, Linda always provided proficient and efficient service.  She knows marketing, earns the respect of her peers and employees, and can be counted on.”
— Sanjay Dave, Entrepreneur in Residence, INC3 Ventures, LLC
“…has an exceptional instinct for seizing marketing opportunities that many others would miss.  She has a keen ability to assess the strengths of those around her, enabling her to utilize the talents within her team to their maximum potential.  Linda’s work ethic is second to none…”
— Brian Tripp, Advertising Manager, Aco Hardware
“… faced the unique challenge of selling her very good ideas to several strong-headed franchise owners. Linda was professional and well-spoken … and did an amazing job of “selling” her ideas, teaching these owners how to grow their businesses independently, while also positively impacting the company as a whole…”
— Kelly Young, Owner, Wireless Toyz
“… She brought experience and guidance to the table.  Her background with planning and implementing events was exceptional, as well as her attention to detail…
— John Lee, CEO, Impact Marketing Services
“I am a small business owner that had the pleasure of working with Linda quite frequently.  She had the same interest in the success of my business as I did. I will miss working with her, and I intend to keep in touch with her and hope she is still able to assist me with her great ideas to grow my business even more.”
— Tom Kirma, Owner, Wireless Toyz
“…played a key role for our organization in developing our marketing plan for us…researched and assembled a detailed plan which fed our budgeting process and continues to act as the template for on-going marketing activities…”
— Jeff Henel, Consulting Executive, Resources Global
“Linda’s extensive marketing skills have helped her clients achieve success.  She has had experience in all facets of marketing, and uses this to her benefit when developing marketing plans.”
— Linda Kostka, Regional Director of Development, Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio
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