Mobile Marketing Strategies by Business Type - Realtors

  • Text listings to customers to review based on pre-submitted criteria they have sent to you; allows them to select houses they would like to see from your list and text you back or call you to schedule
  • Search mobile database of homes available by zip, city, home price range, or home type
    • Show photos and basic info
    • Or click to video
    • Link to a click-to-call or click-to-email to reach company rep
  • Post signs by each home with “Text Keyword House1234 (example) to 234567 to receive more information on this house”
    • Once the mobile house page is reached:
      • Click-to-video tour
      • Click-to-call
      • Click-to-email
      • Click-to-form requesting further details or appt, etc.
NOTE:  Most of these solutions will allow the realtor to build a database of of interested prospects that they can follow up with as needed.
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