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Utilizing our strategic partners, we will create and manage your mobile website, publish everywhere across all types of web-enabled cell phones, and immediately use our carrier-certified short code and MMA compliant opt-in text message system - or train you to do it yourself with your internal staff!
We eliminate the complexity of recognizing and publishing to all types of mobile phones by utilizing technology that automatically takes care of it, and your mobile website is completely customizable including wizards, document editors, modifiable HTML and stylesheets, and “your domain” configurable domain names.
Complex mobile website solutions are intelligently handled behind the scenes, for example: fonts & images, location/map pages, various mobile phone-specific navigation styles, form submission pages and mobile multimedia playback including audio and video playback for various media-ready devices.
Features from our preferred vendors include business process integration to bring mobile capabilities to your customer interactions, and mobile advertising, analytics and marketing features so you can run ads, drive promotions and opt-in your audience.

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