Benefits of Virtual Events for Businesses

  • The ability of companies to reach target groups worldwide, enabling their organizations to attract an international audience, and offering information to those who would be unable to attend an in-person event due to time or budget restrictions
  • Makes supporting regional, national or international firms more cost-effective
  • Decreases the cost of lead generation
  • Allows companies to supplement their in-person events, thereby reaching their audience of consumers, prospects, vendors or managers where they are now congregating – on the Internet
  • The ‘live’ event is typically archived for 30 days to 1 year to allow those unable to participate in the ‘live’ event to ‘attend’ the event at later date/time more accommodating to their schedule.
  • Enables firms to decrease their carbon footprint and help them embrace 'green' efforts.
  • Allows participation of speakers/presenters from a dispersed geographic locations without requiring travel; convenience increases potential that higher-profile speakers will be willing to participate in your events.

Virtual Events:  By the Numbers

  • Average Virtual Event attendee registration:  3,102
  • Average Virtual Event actual attendance:  1,587 (though many have been as high as 15,000)
  • Average Virtual Event show-up rate:  52%
  • Average "live" length of a Virtual Event:  1.5 days
  • Average leads generated by each Sponsor and/or Exhibitor at a Virtual Event:  348
  • Average attendee time at a Virtual Event:  2 hours 31 minutes
  • Average Virtual Event attendee event locations (booths/presentations, etc.) visited:  16
  • Average Virtual Event attendee interactions with Sponsors/Exhibitors:  13
  • Average resource materials downloads per Virtual Event attendee:  5
  • Typical event attendee geographic location distribution:  US 58%     International 42%
  • Average Virtual Event "on demand" archive days:  90
  • Average additional leads generated during archived on-demand event:  20-30% additional
  • Trade show industry data indicates average cost-per-lead at in-person shows to be as high as $148 versus Virtual Trade Shows with an average cost-per-lead as low as $20
  • Traditional national trade show exhibitor average expenditure:  $15,000 vs. Virtual national trade show exhibitor average expenditure:  $3,000 - 8,000