Grand Opening Program Planning / Implementation:

Grand Opening Marketing Plans are typically implemented by retail-oriented firms and should be developed in three strategic phases.  Each phase would include a multitude of components. The phases of a Grand Opening program should include:
  • Pre-opening: approximately three weeks prior to company soft opening, leading up to the opening day. This phase is designed to build awareness for your company among consumers/target customers in the market area, as well as build awareness of its location, products, and services prior to opening day. This is an important phase for building anticipation and demand for your company’s products and services.
  • Soft Opening: the first three-four weeks after opening day. The marketing and advertising initiatives will begin with lighter media exposure building up to the G.O. Event. This phase is important to train and motivate the staff and become familiar with the operational aspects of the business prior to the Grand Opening phase.
  • Grand Opening: a four-week promotional phase immediately following the soft opening phase. This phase includes; heavier advertising exposure and serves to build your company’s positioning in the marketplace.
Strategic Growth Concepts/Strategic Marketing concepts can assist you in the development and implementation of this plan in order to maximize the benefit to be gained by your firm as a result of its grand opening related activities.
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