Turn-around / Change Management Programs

Today’s economic distress results in special challenges to the management teams of most companies, especially those in an “at risk” state.  Not only do these circumstances increase demands on existing managerial capabilities, but they also create a whole new spectrum of legal, accounting, and financial considerations that impact the operations of a company – particularly one that needs to be part of a turn-around situation.
Advantages of an Out-sourced Turnaround Specialist
The main advantage of utilizing an outsourced turn-around specialist is that they enter your firm with fresh perspective and complete objectivity.  As a result, they are able to spot problems that may not be visible to existing company insiders. This allows them to evaluate the problems and identify potential solutions without the weight of corporate biases or culture weighing in on the analysis, and results in solutions that are singularly beneficial to the company as a whole.
Strategic Growth Concepts team of professionals has a wide diversity of experience in a multitude of industries. This experience will be utilized to benefit your company by implementation of the following steps:
The Steps of a Turn-around Situation
1.       Changing the Management Team Members (or in the alternative, supplementing their skill sets with our team members)
2.       Analyzing the Situation
3.       Implementing an Emergency Action Plan
4.       Re-structuring the Business
5.       Return to Normal Operations
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