Sandra Boulton - Media Planning, Negotiating & Management Specialist

Media Planning, Negotiating and Management Specialist

Boulton is a 25-year professional with diverse background in multiple media vehicles and varied marketing disciplines.   Having media-related experience in strategic planning, value-added negotiating, sales, research, promotion and training, Boulton is intimately familiar with the media industry. She has managed client media for small proprietors, mid-level clients and large chain corporations. 


Boulton is fluent in media at the local, regional and national levels. Whether applying traditional or non-traditional media on a client’s behalf, the focus is the same:  to find the best advertising vehicles to maximize their media dollars and increase ROI (return-on-investment). Boulton is intensely results-focused for clients, seeking media partnerships that bring pointed, relevant value-added opportunities to increase target customer reach. 

Within the media industry, Boulton is known as an expert who is often called upon to deliver seminars and training to media company staff. 

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