Paul Segreto - Franchise Development Specialist

Franchise Development Specialist

Paul Segreto is an experienced franchising industry executive with over 20 years of experience in senior-level roles including: industry consultant, corporate franchise executive, multi-unit franchisee, and area developer. 


He specializes in:

  • New concept development and roll-out
  • Regional to national expansion of emerging concepts
  • Revitalization of under-performing mature concepts
  • Area development and master franchising program development
  • Franchise sales program development, management, tracking and analysis
  • Marketing franchises to potential franchisees utilizing Web 2.0 and non-traditional strategies

A recognized franchise industry expert, Paul frequently serves as a guest speaker/topic leader for focus groups, strategy and sales planning meetings, training sessions and industry panels.  He is frequently called upon to utilize his expertise in the development of articles for industry newsletters and blogs, as well as training programs for companies and organizations within the industry.

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