Laura Hoskins - Graphic Design / Graphic Media Specialist

Graphic Design / Graphic Media Specialist

As the daughter of an architect, Laura has always been influenced by furniture and product design and any other form of artistic expression.  This passion led her to pursue a career in graphic design.  She has worked for numerous agencies and studios and spent more than a decade as Vice-President of Design at one of Detroit's premiere studio's, and during this journey has built a strong portfolio, diverse experience and excellent project management skills.  During her career she has focused her creative energies on building long-term relationships with a variety of clients and companies for whom she has developed everything from identity packages to full point-of-sale marketing programs.


Laura has handled roll-outs of new businesses, business solutions and products, designed awareness campaigns that successfully defined and leveraged brands and business reputations, and savvy media relations strategies the resulted in creative and positive coverage at the national, regional and local level.


She is committed to providing superb customer service, excellence in execution and collaborative work with the highest levels of professional integrity - along with a great sense of humor, curiosity and passion for client commitments.


Some of Laura's areas of expertise include:

  • graphic design and design management
  • website design, architecture and content development
  • online media design
  • event design, coordination and support
  • creative problem solving
  • program planning and management

Design and management projects to final printed piece include:

  • annual reports
  • corporate brochures
  • magazine and print media
  • catalogs/direct mail
  • interior and exterior graphics
  • identity packages
  • exhibits and displays
  • website design/web graphics
  • product/packaging design
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