Dave Keegan - Franchising / Retail Operations Specialist

Franchising / Retail Operations Specialist

Dave's expertise includes thirty years of experience in franchising, retail operations, sales, customer relationship management, and business development. He has held executive-level positions with both large and small multi-market, franchise-oriented businesses, and led each of these firms to industry prominence with significantly stronger operational and sales performance.


Among his qualifications are key skills and attributes such as: 

  • the ability to drive rapid growth,
  • strategies to boost customer loyalty and spending,
  • the ability to expand sales and profits,
  • methodologies for controlling costs and operational risk factors,
  • development of expansion business plans,
  • identification of key factors for improving productivity,
  • management of significant corporate administration budgets,
  • establishment of benchmark performance standards,
  • and development/implementation of franchisee training programs.
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